Our New Creation Story is a long journey from the Big Bang to the Present Moment. Our planet is withering.

This story tells us why and shows us how to overcome humankind’s monumental challenges by making choices based on our species’ recently advanced consciousness—providing a new context for everything that really matters: Knowledge, Appreciation, Awe, Gratitude, Truth, Beauty, Love, Courage, Joy, Relationship and Intimacy.

These pages examine the crisis and opportunity of our current human epoch. We examine “deep time”, including where we came from, who we are as a species, and why we are out of alignment with Earth’s community of all life.

Human consciousness has always been in transition and is currently becoming more complex. But is there enough time to save us from ourselves? The answer to this conundrum runs the gamete between cosmology, life origins, archeology, anthropology, early civilizations, psychology and today’s new sciences—all examined through esoteric prisms, such as perennial philosophy, spiritual mysticism and newfound humility.

The story is founded on universal Consciousness and focused on human consciousness in particular, including art, music, mythology, metaphysics and Eros.

These pages tell the story of the “divine feminine” coming to know the “enlightened masculine” as never before—a walk through deep time unlike any other. As long as we retain our current cultural mindset, climate chaos political conflicts over scarce resources, such as clean water, will also increase. There is no easy political solution. Nothing less than changing how we see the world, our worldview, will solve the current dilemmas.

This new story adds perspective that will help to integrate Ecological Epoch consciousness into our political and social landscape, thereby providing a lens with which we are able to see through the myopic political propaganda and corporate greed that are currently creating irreversible ecological damage and leading us into social chaos. Our hope for the future resides in the unexpected, in the irrational, in the intuitive.

Mostly, our hope comes from faith in the human capacity to find a way through, to be brilliant when circumstances require brilliance, because we are standing on a precipice that will destroy us unless we act brilliantly—now.

For a person to be as alive as it is possible to be, to fully express her humanity and experience her body, mind and spirit in their most profound essence, it is essential to participate in the Ecological Epoch, immersing in its ideas and emotions.


The Ecological Epoch expresses a new, evolved worldview, both intellectual and intuitive, and provides guidelines for social behavior that respect and protect all life. “Andrew Beath has written a phenomenal book, and a great read, one that creates within its pages the thought and heart forms which might actually open the door to mass human survival. Beath weaves a tale of a new Creation Story that is so compelling—and so perfectly textured inside our human condition—that he awakens in the reader the actual impulse to become a vessel for the changes of perspective, values and behaviors required if we humans and other species are going to have a longer run on this beautiful and divine orb—making this a great and important book.” Jay Levin, founder and former editor-in-chief of the LA Weekly newspaper

“A bold and brilliant analysis of the human story set against the predicament of climate change. Beath strikes at the heart (exposes the pain) of our cultural paralysis, explores the root causes and skillfully describes the way to a responsible and enlightened future. I can genuinely say how very good it is, and how particularly poignant it was to read it after the Climate March in NYC—in the context of the ever-present question of what will become of us, what should we do?”

— Linda Solomon Wood, Editor-in-Chief,

     The National Observer 

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“Beath has written a thoughtful, passionate history of The Planet, The Human Species, and, basically, The Future, where we are now, and where may be headed. It’s both an easy-going and a stunning read, one of these profound books that seemingly come out of nowhere. One of the best reads in a long time, and couldn’t be more timely.” 

—Steve Chapple, UCSD

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