Sustainable Sharing with Guatemala (SSG)

The vision of Sustainable Sharing with Guatemala (SSG) is that the people they engage with live longer healthier lives and do not need outside support; we are stronger, healthier, self –sustaining individuals, families and communities.

SSG works with indigenous Mayan communities served by established organizations who share our vision and values to build working models across borders and cultures. These models promote and sustain social justice, education, agriculture, environment, and health.

SSG’s core values are:
All people & places on the earth are connected. The stronger we emphasize these connections, the better the chance to sustain the earth.
The indigenous Mayan culture is rich, beautiful and embodies global wisdom. Thus, it deserves to be valued, protected and shared.
Human and gender rights are integral for the survival to sustainability.
We strive for long-term, sustainable solutions for people and the planet.
Long-term sustainability for impoverished communities depends on raising awareness and support for health, education and agriculture.
Joy, inspiration, satisfaction and pride can result from working long-term and in integrity with these values.


Sustainable Sharing with Guatemala (SSG) is focused on optimizing resources in the United States to support effective Guatemalan organizations that spearhead practical community-based projects and achieve positive long-term impacts on the health, agriculture, and environment of rural indigenous Guatemalans.

SSG believes that those local organizations that engage with local Guatemalan communities to shape projects that respond directly to their specific needs for solving pressing daily problems are the ones that can facilitate real, lasting, on-the-ground changes that are owned and operated by the people themselves.

As these kinds of imbedded changes take time, SSG is committed to two inter-related strategies: 1) to provide ongoing support, in coordination with other funders, to selected local Guatemalan organizations who utilize effective community-based approaches to problem-solving in SSG’s focus areas, and, 2) to use this experience to develop useful, sustainable, replicable models for similar development projects in impoverished communities outside Guatemala.