EarthWays Foundation helps to support many dedicated individuals and community groups striving to create a future we can all share.


EarthWays Mission

EarthWays promotes sustainable vision and action for the earth and humanity, “a vision for the future that all living things can share.” Through our projects and educational events, we are a catalyst for personal growth, global awareness and social and environmental activism. Earthways itself develops projects, which eventually spin off and become independent organizations that work alongside and cooperatively with Earthways.  



EarthWays History

EarthWays was founded in 1985 to encourage personal awareness and social responsibility from a global perspective. We initiate small-scale projects that are cutting edge models for environmental preservation, human potential and sustainable development. The projects and educational programs seek solutions that protect our planet’s environment, contribute to social justice, and cultivate a deep respect for the interconnectedness of all life. EarthWays is a non-profit, charitable organization under IRS code section 501(c)(3).