Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) is dedicated to encouraging social justice and ecological health by supporting activists who make progressive change in our society. They work on the front lines while we interface with the accountants, IRS, and non-profit tax experts to solve the administrative requirements that social change work involves.

We hope to make the world a better place: create a more fair society, a healthier planet, and a more meaningful life for each person. Fiscal management is a necessary piece of the puzzle—one that frees the project managers and other personnel to pursue their mission.

The world’s population is moving towards eight billion people; a situation unprecedented in human culture. The difficulties and challenges we are confronting as a species are unparalleled. Any effort to address these issues is of utmost importance. We at SEE are asking more individuals to step forward to help solve these problems—to help the world see the necessity for sustainable economies and a healthy relationship with nature.

In the past twelve months SEE has recorded its greatest growth ever; we now serve more than 90 projects with about $7,000,000 in annual activity. Our inspired program leaders, activists and visionaries continue to build strong projects while successfully pursuing their missions—sustainable solutions to social justice and environmental problems. During 2014 we added 31 new projects to our bulging portfolio of activity; we moved to larger, more efficient offices, and expanded our office staff to four full-time people, who support the hundreds of project people working “in the field”.

SEE is an active member of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors and participates in the annual conference each year. Learn more: