It is in the great tradition of Thomas Berry’s Universe Story. It is a terrific book that describes a new, more accurate, and more hopeful story of humankind on its evolutionary journey. It is practical philosophy that gives a context for reflection and action.”            

 – David Orr, Oberlin Distinguished Professor and environmental sustainability author

Several years ago we began a series of gatherings at the Malibu Pueblo, the home of EarthWays Foundation. Our gatherings occur once each month, on the Sunday that is closest to the full moon.

The intention is to build community around the relational principles found in The New Creation Story trilogy, which is subtitled: Spirit, Eros and Climate Chaos.

This meeting is more a social and interactive gathering than a book “reading”. There will be a 15 minute presentation to describe our present-day human condition—the context in which we find ourselves. In addition, we will have a short reading from The New Creation Story, and a question and answer discussion about ideas that spontaneously arise, such as: who are we are as species, where did self-reflective consciousness come from? What are our current planet-threatening (therefore child threatening) challenges, and how might we heal the wounds that current human activity is causing.

This healing is personal, including one’s physical body, emotional well being, one’s psyche, and one’s spiritual connection–it results in both relational and cultural transformation, as the term Eros in the books’ subtitle implies: Spirit, Eros and Climate Chaos. Our objective in being together is to help heal one another, our culture and our planet Earth. There will be an almost-full moon for us to enjoy.

No charge or donation is required. We will officially end before dinner, but please feel free to bring “finger food” to share with others. Our gathering will include lots of time to visit with each other. Bring a friend or two; we have room.

Malibu Pueblo
20178 Rockport Way, Malibu, CA

The New Creation Story Book 3: The Ecological Epoch

“A bold and brilliant analysis of the human story set against the predicament of climate change. Beath strikes at the heart (exposes the pain) of our cultural paralysis, explores the root causes and skillfully describes the way to a responsible and enlightened future. I can genuinely say how very good it is, and how particularly poignant it was to read it after the Climate March in NYC—in the context of the ever-present question of what will become of us, what should we do?”
— Linda Solomon Wood, Editor-in-Chief,
The National Observer

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“Beath has written a thoughtful, passionate history of The Planet, The Human Species, and, basically, The Future, where we are now, and where may be headed. It’s both an easy-going and a stunning read, one of these profound books that seemingly come out of nowhere. One of the best reads in a long time, and couldn’t be more timely.”
—Steve Chapple, UCSD

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