Green World Campaign

The Green World Campaign ( was founded by Marc Ian Barasch, a bestselling author, filmmaker, and media activist ( with a lifelong commitment to global transformation. The Campaign has been cited by OnEarth, the magazine of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) for its bold agenda: Turn degraded lands green again. Raise the living standards of the rural poor. Combat climate change. Create new ways to work together for the health of our shared biosphere and the harmony of our global village.

The GWC connects those who want to help create a more sustainable world with on-the-ground projects that benefit both people and planet. We focus on providing ecological and social benefits where they’re most needed, seeking out effective grassroots partners, then finding the simplest, most direct ways we can all contribute to their success. 

One method we use is “agroforestry” (aka “forest gardens”). This technique, dating back to the ancient Mayans, intersperses trees with crops, enriching the soil, increasing food production, and helping restore the local ecosystem. We are also planting on large swaths of barren land, using environmentally sensitive practices to maximize biodiversity.

We encourage linking environmental activities in the developed world with creating green self-sufficiency in poorer countries. We invite companies and organizations to affiliate with the Green World Campaign, shrinking their own carbon footprint while restoring the ecology and economy of the world’s poorest places. 

The Green World Campaign makes it easy for anyone with a computer to click and fund treeplanting, with results we’ll all be able to see. We are designing interactive dynamic maps to chart our real-time progress toward a greener world. Each contribution will be “geo-tagged” (registered in the location it is planted), showing how trees are turning that area green. Other map overlays will chart reductions in the carbon footprint of homes, neighborhoods, businesses, and cities. People and organizations will be able register their use of energy efficient appliances, carpooling, biking, and public transport, solar energy, produce from local farmers, and, of course, planting trees.

We are forming alliances with schools, churches, corporations, and other institutions, with a particular interest in education. (Imagine an elementary school class planting a whole grove in a “sister village” for a hundred dollars–and then being able to communicate with that village’s children).

Today, hundreds of millions of people worldwide have awakened to a sense of allegiance to the Earth and to our common humanity. The Green World Campaign supports a thriving planetary civilization based on participation of all stakeholders in solving our common problems. We look forward to fostering holistic ways to live in harmony on this green earth.

We started the Green World Campaign with the seed of an idea: “What can we accomplish as global citizens if we really put our minds to it?” The answer: Just about anything. 

Marc Ian Barasch
Founder/Executive Director
P.O. Box 3444
Boulder, CO 80307