The Big EQ Campaign/EQuip Our Kids!

The Big EQ Campaign’s goal is education in emotional intelligence on a mass level. EQuip Our Kids! is a nonprofit public education sub-campaign to mobilize parents, businesses and the public to join a cause now supported by thousands of educators – that is, getting emotional intelligence and social skills training in every school.

Research shows it has its most dramatic positive effect on low-income disadvantaged students, both in school performance and later life, and on issues of equity and prejudices. It also:

  • Reverses by up to 90% the mind-boggling U.S. rates of classroom disturbances, bullying, violence, drug usage and dropouts, and produces remarkable young people who largely get to be their happy, caring best selves.  
  • Dramatically increases core test scores (by 11 points or 20%), and graduation and college attendance rates. The U.S. now ranks low in math, reading and science proficiency among advanced nations.  

We need to create a better future for our schools and children – and for humanity itself – by providing the exceptional benefits of emotional intelligence training to every child in 100% of schools and not just to the 10% who now benefit from this curriculum in their schools.

The EQuip Our Kids! project and the under-the-radar movement it supports is a rare reason for optimism that something hugely good is possible on a mass scale, with tremendous positive outcomes also for workplaces, society and the environment as youth and the next generations become more caring and conscious of the value of life itself.

We also call on businesses, organizations and institutions to co-promote EQuip Our Kids! as a national cause – which is possible at little or no additional cost.