The World Wheel Center

After circling the globe through 20 countries over the past 28 years with the World Wheel, Global Peace Through the Arts project, Vijali Hamilton has recently found a home for this global initiative, The World Wheel Center, located in the Gallisteo Basin, 30 minutes south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, on 40 beautiful acres atop a mesa having a 360 degree mandala view of surrounding sacred peaks.

The World Wheel Project continues through the arts and to support indigenous knowledge and elders of many cultures, while creating international centers of community activity to serve as crucibles for maintaining wisdom necessary for the survival of our planet.

The mission of the World Wheel Center for Wisdom, Art and Life is to teach perennial wisdom, creative arts and ways of living, which are essential to a fulfilled life and peaceful world. Its focal educational program is designed to develop connectedness with the world and an inner state of spaciousness and equipoise for meeting the challenges of our times.
programs include:

  • Gatherings with elders to share their life stories and wisdom
  • Ceremonies for women passaging into their age of wisdom and maturity
  • Multimedia talks and dialogues exploring traditional and contemporary worldviews and wisdom ways for living
  • Retreats into nature on the World Wheel Center land
  • Audiences and teachings by guest spiritual masters and practitioner
  • Sculpture, painting & writing workshops for unfolding life’s purpose
  • Guided journeys to World Wheel countries and cultures