Celebrating Sacred Space

Through supporting several community based efforts, We are creating a vibrant community hub that emerges from a desire for local sustainable businesses, progressive social change, environmental preservation and other similar concerns. Individuals and participants from many different organizations can use this hub to support and inspire one another, thus enhancing and invigorating the work that each one is doing in the world. Some of our values and objectives are:

  • To make it easier for people to learn more about environmental and social justice events
  • To support the creation of a locally focused sustainable business 
ecosystem in the Los Angeles area
  • To support community building efforts through more effective online 
communities and directories
  • Introduce and support new collaborative patterns of organizational 
structure and community organizing
  • To offer and support emerging efforts to disseminate information about 
event for the environmental and social justice communities.

We intend to be a dynamic space for our community to connect and create a healthier future through the following themes: Social Justice, Locally Owned Businesses, Environmental Restoration, Progressive Local Government, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Economy, creativity of humankind, opportunities for positive change, a bridge between talking and doing, a bridge between anger and inspiration, addressing the gap between rich and poor, building peace through understanding and respect.