Earthways Gala Wednesday October 5th, 2016

Earthways Gala Wednesday October 5th, 2016

Dear EarthWays’ friends,

As some of you know, Atossa Soltani started Amazon Watch as a project of EarthWays 20 years ago, right here at the EarthWays offices on Rockport Way in Malibu. Atossa and I are the only two original members who have continued on the board for the full 20 years.

After the first few years Amazon Watch outgrew EarthWays, became independent, and is now perhaps the most effective rainforest activist group for its size–anywhere. Their hard-found funding is used carefully and efficiently; I know because I’ve overseen the budgets for much of my board tenure.

So, we’re having a 20 year celebration, combined with a fundraiser on Wednesday, October 5th in San Francisco. Lots of fun. I wouldn’t miss it; and I’d love to see you join me there. Of course, you can also buy a ticket just to support us, in case you can’t come.

Beauty, Love and Courage,


~Sent to Amazon Watch Gala Host Committee, Board and Staff~

Hello Amazon Watch family!

Can you believe we only have six weeks left until the Gala? I am so excited to finally meet many of you in person and celebrate our victories together.

Roberta Giordano | Development Associate | AmazonWatch
2201 Broadway Suite 508 Oakland, CA 94612
office 510-281-9020 x306 | mobile 310-663-6323

P.S. SAVE THE DATE for our 20 Year Anniversary Gala, October 5th in San Francisco

“Enlightenment is intimacy with all things” (Dogen, 13th century)
Beauty, love and courage,
Andrew Beath

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