Seizing an Alternative

Seizing an Alternative | Toward an Ecological Civilization



The conference will be held on the campus of Pomona College. Located in Claremont, CA, on a campus where ivy and palm trees coexist under habitually sunny skies, Pomona offers an environment for intellectual development and personal growth that is second to none.

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The Seizing an Alternative conference is the result of several events held in conjunction: 10th International Whitehead Conference, 9th International Forum on Ecological Civilization, Inaugural Pando Populus Conference, Pilgrim Place Centennial Celebration, and Process & Faith Summer Institute.



“Pando” is the name given to the largest and oldest organism on Earth, and serves as a symbol for our conference. Above ground, Pando appears to be a grove of individual trees, but underground, the trees are interconnected by a single and vast root system, genetically identical.