Reflecting and Transforming Our Nuclear World
through the Arts

The purpose of the Atomic Mirror is to create a nuclear-free world. We use the creative arts (film, music, images, performance, ceremony) to reveal the secrets of the nuclear age, and to advocate for the abolition of nuclear weapons and power. From our offices in England and California, we work with activists, artists, and indigenous peoples from nuclear sites worldwide to develop initiatives and joint activities. Through our projects, we reveal the consequences of the nuclear era, and inspire people to take action. Our goal is to transform our understanding of human security from a reliance on nuclear weapons to a sustainable relationship with all life.

Our projects include Atomic Mirror Pilgrimages to sacred and nuclear sites in the US, Japan, and the British Isles; multi-media performances, film screenings, and poetry slams on nuclear issues in many cities around the world; deep dialogue trainings among diverse communities, and films on nuclear issues, including our current one honoring the women of Greenham Common, "And the Fence Came Tumbling Down."

The Atomic Mirror is a founding member of Abolition 2000, and each year produces the Abolition 2000 Report Card in New York on October 24, United Nations Day. We maintain a special fund (The Petra Kelly Fund) to ensure that people directly effected by the nuclear age* meet face to face with nuclear decision-makers, in capitols of the nuclear weapons states, at United Nations meetings and events, and at international citizen events (such as NPT proceedings and International Court of Justice hearings) and international citizen events (such as Abolition 2000 and Hague Appeal for Peace gatherings).

(*people exposed to the effects of nuclear material first-hand, i.e."hibakush" or atomic bomb survivors, atomic veterans, uranium miners, people living "downwind" of nuclear test sites. A disproportionate number of people affected by the activities of the nuclear age live in indigenous communities.)

The Atomic Mirror has just completed a ten-minute documentary, "And the Fence Came Tumbling Down," a tribute to the women of Greenham Common, and the power of holding a dream. It was launched in Cardiff, Wales on Monday, August 27--the 20th anniversary of seven women walking from Cardiff to Wales and starting the whole thing! The film is really a call to take up their tactics again and get rid of nuclear weapons everywhere! To order copies of the film and the accompanying resource pack, please use the film order form.

We welcome inquiries from other artists about potential collaborations. We also welcome inquiries for copies of our scripts on nuclear issues, which can be used for reader's theaters or public performance by community groups. Currently, we have four scripts available (1) Eating Our Shadow: Reclaiming Our Nuclear History, (2) Mother, What Ails Thee? Reimagining Chernobyl, (3) A Gift for the Generations: A Nuclear-Free World, and (4) De-Alert Now!Countdown to Nuclear Midnight.

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Contact information:
In Britain: Janet Bloomfield, British Coordinator, 25 Farmadine, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB11 3HR, England, Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1799 516189, e-mail:

In North America: Pamela Meidell, Director, P.O. Box 220, Port Hueneme, California, 93044, Tel: +1 805 985 5073, Fax: +1 805 985 7563, email:

The Atomic Mirror is a project of the EarthWays Foundation of Malibu, California, a 501(c)3 charitable and educational organization in the US. The EarthWays Foundation acts as a catalyst for personal and global awareness and social and environmental activism.

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